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Clifton Tutors is a Bristol based Company that was founded in 1981 and we are proud to celebrate 33 years of outstanding success

Our reputation is founded on personal recommendation and years of excellent working relationships with local schools, parents and students.

All our tutors, individually selected for their qualifications and experience provide
one-to-one tuition to meet students' needs.

We help a significant number of students with retakes to enable them to achieve the grades they need for Further Education. Others are tutored in preparation for specific examinations – selective entry to Independent Schools, GCSE or A level. We also provide regular support through the academic year to students looking to raise their confidence and achievement.

As director, my key contribution is to identify and brief the right tutor to ensure they are aware of the student's individual needs and can prepare appropriately.

  Sue Morgan, Clifton Tutors
Sue Morgan, Director of Clifton Tutors
"I believe that we should put the student at the core of everything we do. With our help, their success and confidence will improve."
Clifton Tutors has been a fantastic “go to” place for us at various educational junctions for our son Matthew. From 11+ to 13+ Selective entry exams to support tutoring for GCSE. We have been introduced to high quality tutors and tutor - child relationships have matched brilliantly in terms of personality. Clifton Tutors set up is efficient, fast and effective and has been a back up to our son’s substantial achievement this summer at GCSE Level.
Mother of Matthew Sept 2014